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Cheats don't prosper


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Decided to play a 25k multi tourney and the 1st game I joined I checked 1 friends list and half the lobby was waiting to play the same game so I backed out.


The next game I joined said 7 players, by the time I got it it was too late to check to see of it was a cheats game or anything as went straight to the game.


After the same guys were chip dumping I checked friends list, group of 3 and another group of 4 (all terrible players) trying to dump chip between there selves.

Managed to outplay them all and come 2nd after a fantastic tussle of heads up with the other guy,and what makes it even better he didn't know they were colluding.


I am all for boosting, but I think the way they were doing it was nothing but cheating.


Also a word of warning to anyone who is trying to build a bankroll to buy whatever they need to obtain the necessary achievements, and who are playing the mid to high end tournaments.


As per title.

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Quite disappointing to see how regular I'm getting into matches with groups doing this.. Even worse is when they don't even hide the fact that they're doing it. Short stack goes nearly all-in, leaving a few hundred chips. Large stack calls, and instantly folds on the flop.


Thankfully, cheaters who use the tactic are generally pretty poor at poker apart from the inevitable lucky river.

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I've run into quite a few games like this. Funny thing is, I've finished 1st thru 3rd (in the money) every time. Mostly terrible players...


I've noticed a few times players will not show up on the recent players list (are there bots in ranked match?). Some hide their friends. If I can't tell, I just sit out & watch 'em play the first few hands (unless I have a monster). It's usually a dead giveaway when someone goes all in with 2-9 off when they are under the gun like the OP described.


The other thing I've noticed is they won't chip dump and won't play against each other. This is harder because someone is probably in party chat saying what they are holding to each other. Out of principle, I played for 2 hours while running into a couple of guys like this just to make it in the money (there were 4 of us left). It was actually fun

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i am not wasting my chips on a 20k table for noobs to sit on and rig - plus everytime i seem to start winning the stupid game crashes. Its ridiculous......



Plus - as USA got release first , everyone here in UK has a harder time to get the ach's as they have lowered single player lvl cap and reduced the rewards down alot e.g. win final pro takedown tourney and you would of got 1mil chips - now all u get is like 200k......- when we win we now have a smaller amount to try to get the achievements with - and when we do try the game crashes - so im quite happy it isnt actually costing me real money TBH.



I play allstars poker online. there's nothing stopping you playing on your PC/Laptop/Mobile also :)

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