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Can somebody tell me how...


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Frustrated beyond repair with this... what is the magical key to making your car to a doughnut around a pole? I mean seriously... I hit the E-Brake and turn... give it gas and I spin out of control or fly right by. The same goes with the spin in one place thing. Is it the mechanics of this game or is there some secret combonation to make your car stick around the pole and to the ground when you do one of these? I have been trying for several days now... and between flying in, starting from a dead stop right at the pole, before the pole away from the pole and everything else in between... nothing is working! Please can somebody explain to me how to do this! I really love this game... but have given up on any Compound Challenges because they frustrate me beyond repair!

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It's been a long time since I've played Dirt 3, but I remember having trouble getting the car to behave at first. In the end I nailed everything, but it took a while. I ended up doing some of those compounds over and over to get it right - usually with the doughnuts causing me the most grief. One of them I'd do about 20 seconds of other stuff, get to a line of three doughnuts and then fail spectacularly over and over. Really annoying at the time.


In the end, I think two things helped:


1) Practice. Yeah, I know that's not helpful, but I did get better at it with time.

2) I played with the car's set-up, something I don't normally do TBH. But by playing with the tuning I was able to make it a lot better at dealing with particular things, like the doughnuts. Unfortunately I haven't got a clue what settings I ended up using, but I had one set-up which was really good at those courses. I just pushed the slider all the way to one end and tested a few things out, then tried the extreme other end and worked out which was better for me.

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Car Setup that I used the most: All to the left. Brake Bias to the right.


It takes a lot of practice.


Around a pole donut:

You definatly have to slow down to almost a craw.

Brake, then E-brake into it and turn into it.

May have to feather the gas.

If you are getting too tight to the pole, dont turn as much into it.

If you are getting too far away from the pole, let off the gas a little.



Brake, then E-brake and turn into it.

When you are almost stopped, hammer on the gas and turn hard.


Good luck!

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