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Free Downloads on Xbox Live Marketplace (Discussion Thread)


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OK, after some discussion with the higher ups we have decided to close this thread down.


Basically, people are free to create alternative accounts and download whatever content they want but they do so AT THEIR OWN RISK. The fact that we had step by step guides posted up on how people could do just that makes it seem that we are endorsing this behaviour AND you 100% cannot get banned.


That is not the case.


People HAVE been banned for this is the past (that comes directly from the Microsoft Enforcement Team) though we were not given specific details about why they were banned. It may have been that they shared information/accounts with other people, pirated games, modded their console - we just don't know. But we don't want people to assume that because it's posted/stickied here it is 100% safe and legit, because it isn't. At the most basic level you are violating the ToS by creating fraudulent foreign accounts so MS can take WHATEVER action they deem fit - could just be a ban of the foreign account or they could ban every account on that console OR ban the console itself.


MOST IMPORTANT: I don't want people to start a mass panic. To date we have had no one come forward that has downloaded free content from a different country purely for THEIR OWN use and been banned as a result. However, for the sanity of all involved and to stop people constantly arguing about bans etc we are going to shut this down.


I have amended the first post accordingly. People are welcome to post up if games/content are free in a specific region - as anyone living there can take advantage no questions asked - but other users will have to take it upon themselves whether or not they want to risk getting the content and finding out how to do it.


Any other questions please PM me.

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