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Achievement Trading

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Just wondering if anyone has an awesome team up and going?


Surprised this place is so dead... When ACV came out everyone was all over the forums.

Have a good one!


Geez. I actually let this game release slip past my radar... I've been scrambling to find out how it's doing, or how the "people" received it.

I too, was surprised to see only one topic in the entire forum for this game. ACV was so active, at least in it's first month or 2. I wonder if Everyone was burned out, or just too busy with GTA V Online now to care about some good ol mech action!

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The force is strong with this one. yeah everyone's playing gta. acvd plays pretty much the same as acv except for the online which is a vast improvement plus there seems to be loads of parts to choose from not just ones that are left or right handed. the missions are vastly kill drones maybe a mech, then kill mech. I'm up to level 8 and haven't had any trouble with any missions which is a shame, not very challenging. the load times are still so slooooow. you can play pretty much the bulk of the game with a good pair of gatts plus rifles I recommend the shoulder auto guns with the 550 ammo count and some arms with double payload. loads of faults but I cant stop playing it

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