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Quick Handbook of Site Acronyms


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I see a lot of acronyms that I can't decypher and sure i'm not alone. This will be the place for any acronyms you may or may not understand. Be it gaming related or forum specific.


General Forum Related Acronyms:


AFAIK - As Far As I Know


ATM - At The Moment


BTW - By The Way


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


FTFY - Fixed That For You (Someone will quote another, changing what they said slightly then post this)


FWIW - For What It's Worth


GL&HF - Good Luck & Have Fun


IIRC - If I Recall/Remember Correctly


IMO or IMHO - In My Opinion or In My Honest Opinion


IRL - In Real Life


OP - Original Post/Poster (1st Post in a thread/Person who made the thread)


OT - On Topic


OTOH - On The Other Hand


PITA - Pain In The Ass


PM - Private Message (An inbox message)


QFT - Quoted For Truth


TBH or TBQH - To Be Honest or To Be Quite Honest


TC - Topic/Thread Creator (Person who made the thread)


tl;dr - too long; didn't read


VM - Visitor Message


XBA/Gaming Specific Related Acronyms:


AC - Assassin's Creed


AG - Achievement Guide (See G & R)


AOTM - Artist Of The Month (Box Art Competition - More info can be found here)


BO - Call Of Duty: Black Ops


BLOPS or BLOPS 2 - Call Of Duty: Black Ops/2


COD - Call Of Duty


FPS - First Person Shooter


G & R - Guide and Roadmap (other variations AG & RM) These are the tools that help you get all the gamerscore in a particular title and are authored by our very own users :)


GFWL - Games For Windows Live


GG - Good Game


GOTY - Game Of The Year


GOW - Gears Of War


GS - GamerScore (The combined total of ones achievements)


GSL - GamerScore League


GT - Gamer Tag


GTA - Grand Theft Auto


KOTOR - Knights Of The Old Republic


L4D - Left For Dead


L4D2 - Left For Dead 2


LOTR - Lord Of The Rings


M$ - Microsoft


ME - Mass Effect


MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game


RM - Roadmap (See G & R)


R* - Rockstar


RPG - Role Playing Game


RTS - Real Time Strategy


RROD - Red Ring Of Death


Rx - RoutineX (Owner of x360a/Admin)


TA - TrueAchievements.org


TPS - Third Person Shooter


x360a - xbox360achievements.org


XBA - xboxachievements.com

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Update - XBA/x360a
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Not a bad idea. Off the top of my head, here are a few acronyms you'll find people using on a forum:


OP - original poster (person who made the thread)

Alternatively: opening/original post (first post in a thread)


TC - topic/thread creator (person who made the thread)


FTFY - fixed that for you (someone will quote another changing what they said slightly then post this)


IIRC - if I recall/remember correctly


tl;dr - too long; didn't read

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Great start. I knew the OP, and TC.


If anybody has any that they either want to know or feel they think that others might not know, just add below. Even if you think some of them are obvious to you, some people will no doubt find them useful!


Some that I see get regularly asked what they mean are;


AFAIK - As far as I know


PITA - Pain in the ass

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Hope this is in the right section, i made sure to do a search before posting this but couldn't find anything and thought it would be a good idea. (Forgive me if it's in the wrong section or there is already a thread)


I see a lot of acronyms that I can't decypher and sure i'm not alone.


There has been one on almost every forum i've ever used before and they are very handy so thought i'd ask and see what your thoughts were.


I can see how a new user might find something like this helpful. We do have some forum specific shorthand we use all the time. If you would like to take responsibility for updating the OP (original post) with the list, perhaps organize them by what they pertain to and alphabetize them or something, then I think we can leave this thread open. Perhaps include a little bit of the most common forum shorthand and then focus on our site specific jargon?


I'll add a couple for your list. G or AG is the forum shorthand for Achievement Guide. R or RM is for the Roadmap that normally accompanies a guide. The "official" shorthand for them is G & R.

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Guest Scotty

a couple of obvious ones, but they could still help people new to forums entirely;


ATM - At The Moment


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


PM - Private Message


VM - Visitor Message

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