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Large RP Boosts In GTA Online Races

Crimson Ridley

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Right now there appears to be something happening with the races in GTA Online, where you get a load of RP in a short space of time. It seems to be linked to the "Fastest Lap", "Clean Lap", "1st For The Whole Lap", "Overtakes" and "Slipstream" bonuses. As you are racing, you'll notice that each of these bonuses keep popping up, earning you 2000-4000 RP after a lap, depending on your current rank.



There is a limit of 5000 RP that can be earned in a single race. If you pass this limit in the race, the RP you would normally get for winning will not add to your bar. It'll look like it has, but compare it to what you have during the race and what you have in the next race and you'll see there's no change.



Criminal Records is the best race for this, as it's the quickest race. You need to race with 1 other person as a minimum.


There are certain settings that are being mentioned that may or may not mean anything to the RP earned, but it's worth using them anyway. They are:


- Catch up: Off

- Custom vehicle: On

- Wanted Level: On

- Traffic: On

- Split times: Personal


There are a few different ways that you can tackle the race, and they are used depending on what rank you are. I've listed them by number of laps, but choose the one based on your current rank to maximise RP and time.


1 Lap Race - Rank 75+


Start a race with 2 or more players on "Criminal Records".


Set it to 1 lap, Standard or GTA Race. Change the settings if you want to the ones above.


At this point, you'll be earning 5000 RP just for passing the lap, meaning you'll blitz the RP cap straight away. If you race 2 laps at this rank, you're wasting 25 seconds because you won't keep any extra RP earned. You won't see your RP bonus in the race but study the RP bar before and after the race to see the difference.


However, only the winner appears to get the bonus. Only do this if you're double boxing, or if you're with someone who doesn't need/want the extra RP.


2 Lap Race - Rank 55-75


Start a race with 2 or more players on "Criminal Records".


Set it to 2 laps, and as a Standard Race or GTA Race.


Once you pass the first lap, you'll get a load of RP (depending on your rank), and then once you finish, you'll earn the standard amount from the race. The player in first will get the most, while the losers get slightly less. the 2nd (final) lap will not award you any extra points. This can be used at any rank, but is much better at any rank over 50, as you'll be earning a lot of RP from that first lap, almost hitting the cap straight away.


3 Lap Race - Rank 30-55


Same setup as the 2 laps, but with an extra lap.


Make sure to beat your previous best lap to get the bonus again on the 2nd lap. This is where you'll begin to see a notification pop up saying "You have earned the maximun RP for this activity". Once you do, it's time to drop down to 2 laps and then stay there until you reach your desired rank.



4 Lap Race - Rank 25-30


You'll want to drop to this method at the 25-30 mark, as you may begin to lose out on RP if you're racing a 5 lap race. You could also just jump straight to the 3 lap race. It's entirely up to you.


5 Lap Race - Rank 0-25


This seems to work only with 2 people. Same setup as before, but with 5 laps.


With this method, you need to decide who will win the races. Have the winner lead the first 2 laps, ensuring they beat their times each lap, and the loser will lead the next 2, again beating their times. The winner will then win the race on the last lap.


This is a great method to use if you're a low level, as you won't hit the RP cap, but you'll earn a lot of experience while also avoiding the load screens you'll see often in the 2 lap race. It may take a bot of coordination to set this up properly, but keep at it.


Different Rank means different RP


As stated before, the bonuses are based on the Rank you are. The higher your Rank, the more RP you will earn.


It's only showing 540/750/1100 RP at the end. Why isn't it working?


The RP shown at the end is the RP you've earned by finishing the race. The standard RP, if you will. The RP from this "glitch" is earned after the laps (except the last lap). Sometimes, you'll see your RP bar fill up on the screen when you go into the next lap, but occasionally it won't. You need to check your current RP before the end of the lap (press "Down" on the D-Pad), and then check it again after. Because off all the notifications that pop-up, your RP bar may be unavailable so just look at it at the end of the race.


In a normal race, your bar would fill up about 3/4 of a segment. When you get these bonuses, your bar fills up about 2 segments. If you have 2 segements filled, play a 2 lap race and at the end of it, you have 5 segments filled, then it's working.

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I love you guys. How much does second place get? and third place?


Not sure, the XP you get at the end of the race or the end of the first lap? It's around 3000RP at the end of the lap and 600-1000 for finishing.

What rank is required for it?


No rank mate it's a race for fuck sake man. x

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Could it be the clean lap reward and if so does it change depending on rank and number of players in the game?


We're working it out as we go along. :p


We've noticed a load of popups about overtakes come up, and it keeps saying players have entered first when they haven't, so that may be it.

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We're working it out as we go along. :p


We've noticed a load of popups about overtakes come up, and it keeps saying players have entered first when they haven't, so that may be it.

Cool, cool. Nice find btw. Will be doing this when friends eventually come on.

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