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Open Champion glitch?


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So my friend and I were looking to do the online achievements, he hosted 3 games and got Host with the Most but didn't unlock Open Champion despite winning at least one game of the three we played (Private Custom Match).


We then proceeded to try a Ranked match with nine holes, and after the game was over, he attained Open Champion.


After that I hosted the three games and Host with the Most unlocked just fine, and seeing as how the last situation went we decided to play nine holes in Ranked Match again, and after winning at the end, I did not receive the Open Champion achievement.


I tried hosting a Private Custom Match, winning that, and it didn't work. He tried hosting it, I won (one hole, btw), still didn't unlock.


Only thing left to try is Player Match, and if that doesn't work, not sure.


Any suggestions, and has this ever occurred to anyone else? I've only seen issues with (mainly) the medals achievements, which all unlocked fine for me, as well as a couple with Ace, but I've never seen anyone post about either of the online achievements.

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