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Song Title Game Intermediate


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This is an alternate version of The Song Title Game that seems to have caught on and people are having fun with.


In this version there are winners and there will be a point based system. If you "stump" the posters and are able to provide a song that isn't replied to within 24 hours you will receive a point. I will track the points on a leaderboard that will be posted below this set of rules.


Now here's the difference from the prior Song Title Game. You may NOT use common words in the song titles. Using articles as the word in the following song title is prohibited. The following words are excluded from being repeated by the following poster.


A - An - And - The - Of


For Example, I post "The End - The Doors", the following poster may only use the word "End" in a song title.


Otherwise the same rules apply as they did during the alternate version of this game. This one is more intended to be competitive and to see who can come up with the most absurdly difficult songs to find a solution to and end the string.


I hope this goes over well, and meets the needs of those of you who wanted to see a stricter rule set and have a level of competition. Enjoy.

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