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Livery, Tune Setup, or Vinyl Group trading


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Hi Guys,


I would like to be on this thread. I think i have some simple tune-up and designs.


I will check the thread from bottom to top to start downloading as well.


GT: NextGate


Forgot to add, i you can download for a Ford Fiesta 14, Impreza WRZ STi and Nissan Skyline GT-r V-spec II

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Hi im looking for co-op to do these achievements.



Born Leader lead for a total of 200 miles in mutiplayer

Eat My Dust Lead for a total of 350 miles in multiplayer

Peace Setter lead for a total 500 miles in multiplayer

Lead Dog lead for a total 1000 miles in multiplayer



Also im looking to do any MEDALS



MY GT WizardFlipper

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UPDATE: I have obtained the Achievements!


Thanks for all of the help you all gave and I have now obtained the related Achievements for this posting and as a result no further assistance is required in that respect.


If you want to check out and/or use the livery I created, that is cool and I appreciate that -- my efforts to create what I like to think of as precisely what the typical livery would be for an official Royal Australian Air Force Racing Team are what you see in the pair of designs noted below.


Some anecdotal info FYI:


The Royal Australian Air Force Roundel -- or the Red Kangaroo



The kangaroo on the official badge always faces left, except when used on aircraft or vehicles, when the kangaroo should always face the front -- but on my design it only faces left (I plan to fix that in the future) because I was tired and wanted to finish the livery design quickly...



When the Royal Australian Air Force was originally formed on 31 March 1921 it adopted the existing red, white and blue badge of the UK Royal Air Force to identify its aircraft, but it was changed during World War II because the inner red circle was often mistaken as the rising sun symbol of Nippon.



In fact the direct cause for the changes to the badge were the result of an 11 Squadron Catalina being mistaken for a Japanese aircraft by a US Navy fighter plane -- the encounter resulting in the loss of the Catalina and most of its crew.



After the end of WWII the question of what the official badge for all RAAF planes should be was once again raised, with proposals that included a boomerang, the Southern Cross constellation, and even a sprig of Wattle, but in the end it was the red kangaroo in motion that was chosen as being a particularly Australian image.



So no, it is not a copy of the symbol that is currently in use by QUANTAS (the airline) though I can see how it might be mistaken as related.


Thought you might find that interesting.






- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


G'day Mates!


I have created a very special design in honor of going very very fast while serving as reserve air crew during the very odd and very very brief period in which the ADF somehow found the funds to briefly (all too briefly as it worked out) expand the RAAF Active Reserves during what they called the "Reserve Aircrew Trial Scheme" and during which we got to train with what we called the "permanent Air Force" and man that was a riot-and-a-half!



But seriously, for a brief period in the 80s they actually took hand-picked active reserve air crews and allowed us to have a little fun - and in honor of that I have faithfully re-created the paint and markings scheme for the crate I crewed on -- which was unofficially named "Dinky Dau" and crewed by the finest and craziest set of mates you could ever want.



Car: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

GT: Recnef


There are actually two designs - the only difference in them being the "tail number" of the car - I prefer the 12 Tail Number and hope you will dl that one (its file name is "raaf12" and creator is "Recnef")


I also created a purely RAAF Racing Team fantasy design for the Olds 442 if you like classic steel you may want to check it out and DL it?


Car: 1968 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds 442

GT: Recnef


This is a basic Circuit Racer Design - white on white, with the proper markings that are designed to be used with the second "Street Hood" scoop - trust me when you try it with the second Street Hood (the one farthest to the right in the menu) you will see that it makes all the difference in the world in looks and performance :)


The 442 is marked with the to-be-expected red roo on the sides and on the hood, and enjoys blazing for Turn 10, FM5, Top Gear, Valvoline, OZ, and Good Year -- with the classic black-on-chrome factory wheels and the gold trim on the wing tips she looks very very nice... I know that is just me saying, but still :)


Thanks in advance for downloading, applying, and racing this designs - I am DL'ing designs from this thread and will continue to do so - and appreciate you all helping a bloke out!





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I need photo downloads and tuner/design credits.


gt: a giantsaxplaya


look for my tunes (ferraris mainly)


also look for my designs (69 Camaro "Black SS", 13 Viper, 14 Civic "BLACK&BLUE CIVIC")


I have more. Message me if you help me out so I can return the favor!



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I need your help too ! :)


Search by creator : Mik49a


- I have some pictures to download


- I have livery for :

Dodge Charger SRT8

Ferrari F40

Ford SVT Cobra R

GMC Syclone

Lamborghini Countach

Nissan 370Z

Nissan Fairlady Z

Renault Mégane RS


- I have tune setup for :

Nissan Fairlady Z (B600)

Nissan GT-R (S800)

Renault Clio V6 (C500) which is pretty good btw ;)

Renault Clio V6 (B600)


Thanks for helping, message me and I will return the favor ! :)

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mclaren mp4-12c

bmw 1 series m coupe

chrystler 300 str8

honda civic si 2014

ford RS200 evolution

Nissan GTR Black edition

lamborghini dablo SV

Lexus is F

mercedes 190e

audi #1 r18e-tron

citroen ds3 racing 2011

renault sport clio v6

toyota celica ss-i

mitubishi lancer evolution x GSR

Lotus exige S 2012

dodge charger str8 2012

ferrari califorina 2008

ford svr cobra R 2000

jeep grand cherokee str8 2009

oldsmobile hurst/olds 442

alfa romeo giulia spring gta stradale

ariel atom 500 v8



those are the cars i have with tunes, if anyone

can use them for me and vice versa that'd be great. Just search description x360a or use my gamertag

I can buy any car if you are using something different and i will set it up (if it's cheap)

For any of this to count, you must do 100 races minimum

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I've been boosting the design and tuner achievements with a second controller. After completing 110 waves on the 1/4 drag I received 13k for the designs and only 5k for tuner. Any ideas as to why? Also if anyone wants to help I have a design and tune for Toyota GT86 -


Search keyword ciz5


Thanks I'll return the favour

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Edit: I now have the photo and vinyl achievements.


Still looking to trade with others for the tuner achievements. My tunes are as follows:


Bugatti Veyron SS (drag tune)

Nissan GT-R (drag tune)

Subaru WRX '11


Send me a message if you want to help each other with the tuner achievements.


Best regards.

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