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For those of you who have beaten 50 consecutive levels of the nightosphere, who did you use and what medal combinations?



Alright so by far the simplest way to complete 50 consecutive floors in the Nightosphere is to:

  • Play with at least 2-4 players (That way if you or someone else goes down you can easily be picked up, and the more players the better)
  • Complete Strachy's last quest to receive a token called Heart Sweater (Changes the game into easy mode)
  • Do not attempt to fight the enemies.. Quickly make your way to the stairs (This will minimize the chances of you dying or loosing health. Kill if you only really have to)
  • Use tokens that give you slight attack damage boost, quick movements, blocking, and extra shields. (Sorry forgot the names of the tokens that give you such abilities, i only rented the game, if you can please comment on the guide with the names)

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Yeah, me and my friends were doing great until the boss (Guardians) on floor 40 when our game decided to freeze too.... I was so mad I cried! An entire evening wasted for nothing! At least I got the floor 10 and 25 achievements. Oh, Finn, Marceline, and Cinnamon Bun were our characters btw. Ice King would be my second after Finn.

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Hopefully WayForward crashes and burns for this.



Level 40, most of my night spent trying to survive using Easy Mode and Ice King.



Unfortunately, I get stuck with the shit bosses where you have to last 3 minutes. Oh, by the way, that barrier burn that expands? Same color as most of the ground, so it's almost impossible to see where the hell it's going, and of course you're so ******* slow to actually dodge the thing.



So, yeah, another night wasted.

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So, finally got this one, as well as going through the grind of getting treasures to upgrade everyone. Finally completed. Posting a bunch of hints, tips, load-outs, etc., in a new thread based on my findings and thoughts. Hopefully it'll help someone else improve their completion percentage.

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