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Why are so few players in co-op playing as a team?


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Just wanted to see what my fellow gamers think about this?


In almost every game that I play I try to work as a team. I cast buffs on the team and I join team skills whenever I can. I mean it is a team effort after all. Now what I've noticed during the last weeks is that almost everyone just plays like selfish a-holes instead. When there is a lot of enemies getting closer and someone is trying to get a "cyclone" or an "Ultimate Weapon" ready to go more often then not half the team solo rush instead. Even worse someone tries to get a team skill of on their own even when there is another one which just needs one more player right besides them. :(


This happens almost every time a team skill is ready to go. Are people just this stupid or do they really think they will be able to take on the entire team by themselves. :confused:


If they are trying to get the MVP or something they really haven't understood how this game works. Maybe I'm just ranting but this is getting seriously annoying.

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Here's the first thing to keep in mind: Most people in co-op are going for 10,000 heals and will take that as a priority over everything else. They won't use team skills, build towers or even back you up when fighting against a group. They'll just follow from behind and spam Heal all day. It still happens, and I'm sure many can admit to doing the same.


Co-op also gets a lot of newcomers who don't understand most of the base mechanics. Some players avoid team skills/building because they strongly think that "Taking down tower = win" is the main goal (you could argue that it is, but there's obviously more to it than just this), so everything must just be a hindrance to them, right? These are bad players and you're probably better off not paying attention to them.


Furthermore, Co-op has no impact on your outcome unlike league ranking points, so losing isn't even an issue. If you have to play with an unorganized team, then work on maximizing your XP output. Basically, play for your own gain but also help others when they need it to further boost your score. Don't ever help take down the gate until there's only 3-4 minutes left, and let the AI teams destroy the battering ram if it goes up before then.


Quick Match may be a better option for you, but you'll also probably want to gather some friends who you can work with.

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I'd agree with everything hoshinosenshi has said and i also think the addition of more types of class has diluted the ability to specialise in any certain one.

I can be equally effective as a mage or warrior because i learned how to play as both, so if my main cleric class isn't working i'll switch.

Now there are 6 types of character all with specific achievements allocated there's a lot less team play in general, and co-op is the place the achievement hunters will be in my experience.

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