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GLITCH - use all boosts free every game


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Jan 2015 - Due to game update, glitch no longer possible


**** GLITCH ****

Please be aware, this is a glitch that will allow you to use all boosts in every game you play. It will NOT ensure you win every game, but gives you a massive advantage. I went from having a 30% win rate to over 90%, finishing with 375 wins from 450 games.


Start up the app and as soon as the Play button appears, click it. The "start-up lag" makes all the boosts cost 0 coins. Buy every bonus then start the game. You will now have the advantage of every boost. Once the game is over, go back to the main menu then quit (Alt-F4). If you quit out of the app too quickly, your coins & tokens (if you win) may not appear. Restart, rinse & repeat.


This glitch works in both Windows 8 (thanks NBA Kirkland) & Windows 8.1.




Hopefully this helps some people out. Thanks & enjoy.

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glitch update
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