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Thanks for the awesome guide, helped on all the missions (well over half) that I still needed gold on!


Unfortunately upon finishing F-5 ... no cheevo :'(


Does anyone have any experience with this one glitching? I'm thinking it may have something to do with the leaderboards being off-line/unavailable right now, as I finished. I'm thinking I'll see if I'm missing from any of the levels' leaderboards, and then replay those and get gold again. The achievement tracker is all jacked up too, it's down to 0% on 117 and the other co-op achievements I have left :-/

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Any tips for F-1?


The spawn brute thing doesn't help. The video doesn't help either. Looked every where for a solution can't find anything. Don't have any credits to buy stuff since everything is expensive. I put on skulls like Hollow and Blind. Not sure what else to do. I got on the turrets as well I think they lower the score.

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Great video guides all around. For those still having trouble, just use the level 1 credits farming method and then what I did was buy a sniper rifle, rocket launcher, overshield, and score booster. It makes every single gold star easy as hell.


Thanks :) Glad my stuff still helps people 3-4 yrs later!

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