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What is the worst smack talk you ever received?


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When you play videogames you sometimes run into players who can’t just play a friendly game. Their egos are so big that just beating isn’t enough: they want to humiliate you by sending a message afterwards, explaining how good they were and how much you sucked.

But after playing a lot of online games and receiving a bunch of these messages, I discovered a link: a big ego comes with the inability to spell.


A good example of this was during a game of FIFA I played today. For the first 25 minutes or so my opponent played really bad and even scored some own goals on purpose until I was ahead 4-0. He then sent me a message, saying I should just quit since I could never beat him, and he suddenly started playing really good. In the end I won the game 6-4 (yes, I guess you could see it as a 2-4 loss) and I just had to send something back about him overestimating himself (normally I don’t provoke other players but this guy just had it coming and it wasn’t really smack talk). He returned this message:


“er u woz fukin abt passin between keepern defence , cnt b arsed wiv pricks like u”


I was stunned. I understood something about me passing between the keeper and my defense, but the rest of it is just gibberish.


I am interested in other messages you ever received with spelling so terrible, it’s like they don’t even want you to be able to read their smack talk.

Or maybe someone is actually able to translate this message?

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I used to sit on top of the mall in GTA V and turkey shoot everyone in the vicinity. One dude took particular offense to this and went on a tirade about how my mother is a $1 whore and I need to be hit by a car and shit on, or something like that. He was pretty fucking mad.


But all he had to do was walk away.

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I wouldn't say worst as in made me feel bad. Learned a long time ago you don't let trivial shit get to you BUT you can make it...entertaining ;) But there's been many a times I've been verbally put in my place. You just take it and how you fire back is up to you. That being said, the worst (quality) BY said smack talker is someone who more or less talks to themselves aiming it at me. Paying attention is one thing. Dedicating yourself to it is a bit on the "Crack A Fruity" side. I've always taken my slings and arrows...but you have to fire at ME in order to have an effect at all.



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Most amusing:


I was invaded in DARK SOULS (on the Hellkite bridge) and I saw him spawning in before he could see me. So I hid on the left just inside the archway by the Bonfire. He decides to come looking for me and walks right by my position and doesn't even check his corners. So I walk up behind him and stun-lock him with Great Combustions til he dies.


He writes: "You no-skill n00b cunt fagot"


I respond: "You know, I didn't ask you to invade me. You could've put down your Summon sign and helped me instead."


Surprisingly, he managed to invade me again at the same place mere minutes later. Unfortunately for him, both times he invaded, I had a buddy with me that he didn't know about. So this time, while he's standing off with me, my buddy comes up behind him and stun-locks him with Great Combustions til he dies.


He writes: "Fucking n00b fagot summon to gank"


I respond: "Actually, he was here the last time you invaded, too. I just didn't need him. And considering you left yourself wide open both times, I'm gonna haveta say you might be the 'n00b'..."


His response: "Your both little fagot biches"


Good times!


Most puzzling:


I was playing Gang Matches in Red Dead Redemption with a buddy when it suddenly dawned on us that all of the randoms on our side had left and it was 2 against 5. My buddy suggests we grief the other team and we leave the Gang Match area and ride to another location a short distance away and take cover.


I start running in circles to get them to notice us and sure enough they start coming down the hill and we kill them. They respawn back in the Gang Match area and surprisingly come back for more. We killed these guys over and over again.


We also had Game Chat active so we could hear them bitching at us. Most of it was pretty standard fair, until one guy finally yells:


"Go back to Iran!"


I still have no idea what that means.

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I got called a "Tart" by an english woman because I taunted her in RE5. It's a lot more upsetting than "fat american."


I got called a fat cookie eating American once. I thought it was pretty funny as i have an obviously English accent.

I do like cookies though, just not enough to get fat on them.

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