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How to unlock the power up of the week using the Facebook friend feature faster


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Here is a trick how to unlock the power up of the week using the Facebook's friend help feature ONLY if you don't have 3 Facebook friends who has also Tetris Blitz on WP8 (like myself, I have only 1 friend from 400+, the rest doesn't play this game or don't care about :p )


1) First, simply create 3 different email addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, doesn't matter). Take a note of them (with the password you choice, because you are gonna use them later for the other power-ups of the week, you don't need to create 3 each time.


2) Use those 3 email addresses and create 3 different Facebook profiles (I was able to create 3 of them fine without Facebook asking about its high security check with phone number/SMS, etc.)


3) Add those 3 profiles to your main Facebook account's friend list (the one that you use for Tetris Blitz usually) (ask for a friend request).


4) Load the game, if your main FB account is logged in, logout (from the Options menu) then login with 1 of the 3 new dummy FB account using the blue Login with Facebook button


5) Quickly finish the 2 tutorial/intro games with the new account, when that's done, simply logout again and login with your main FB account that you use in Tetris Blitz. Choose "Play with friends", press Play and press the blue Unlock button next to the power up of the week (Avalanche in this case). Click on one of the 3 empty square with the person logo in it (above the progress bar), this will open your FB friend list.


6) Select the 1 that you used before in the game (logged in) and press Send.


7) Repeat steps 4-6 again with the other 2 new FB accounts (at step 6, you basically send an unlock help once for each 3 accounts


8) Logout again and login with one of the new account, go to the Setting, click on the envelope icon (should be one notification), click on the green Accept/Send button. Repeat this step with the other 2 accounts, make sure, you logout between each time.


9) Finally, when the unlock help is accepted with all 3 accounts, logout a final time and login with your main account. Open the main menu, press the envelope icon (should be a red notification too) and accept the unlock help from the 3 accounts. If you did this correctly, you should have a message that you unlocked the power-up of the week and you can use it for free 3 times.


10) For the remaining power-ups, simply use the login/logout trick and the send the unlock help to your 3 accounts method then accept it in the game. No need to create 3 new FB accounts. As long as they remain in your FB friend list, you are fine :).


I just did that now and unlocked the power-up (Avalanche) in 15 mins. I also saved coins with that method :)

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