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XA DLC achievements won't check


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Sorry, this isn't so much a question about the game but rather a question about the XA website. I am unable to mark Ancients of Ooga as completed. I check the boxes, press save and... they become unchecked again. I have no idea why. It only happens with this one game - and only those three achievements. It's not really a big deal, but it's happening so I thought I'd bring it up. Wasn't sure if it belonged in this specific forum or some other 'error reports thread' somewhere.

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Thanks Assassinjay, but it looks like it was actually one of the problems listed in this link Pants Party provided (thanks Pants Party... that's a weird way to address someone, I have to say :p). After Pants Party fixed the problem, I just had to remove the game and re-add it and now it's all done! Yay!


Thanks again Pants!

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