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Achievement Trading Thread

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Hey guys!


I want to boost all Multiplayer achievements on Xbox One because the online is absolutely DEAD on that console, basically looking for pretty much everything, with level boosting last on my list.


I am free the whole day tomorrow, so send me a message on Xbox One saying you're down to play and at what time, I'll reply pretty quick thanks to Smartglass.


Also, if you're free another time, feel free to contact me as well!


GT: Lily Mu RB



EDIT: Done, thanks!

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Hi, GT dRailer


I'd love to get MP achievements as well. I want TR off my hard drive, and the ranked MP is SO DEAD. I'm at level 33 in game and would like to get up to 60, but mostly want the "I'm all that" achievement over with. (I also need melee, 2 guys and an explosion, turret, etc., but I can figure out another time to do those.) Oh yeah, I'm in the US, in Eastern Standard Time. Message me or whatever, we'll figure something out.


Edit: Done! Thanks to the kind-hearted crew I hung out with today! Thanks guys, you were all very patient despite the ugliest of MP issues.

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Hey, I'm looking to get the multiplayer achievements. I want get the ranked mission wins out of the way first. Hit me on Live I'm on all day today!


EDIT: Done! Thanks to all that helped out!



GT: Darkfoot Fox

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To those of you who still need the ranked one, "I'm all that..." My group ended up needing about 4 hours to complete this. It is difficult to get a match to work right. You might want to wait until after the March Update, as this may improve your odds of finding a match together. Also, we had a couple people who were getting invites to show up by leaving the party, forming their own party, and then joining the game through their friend's list. (I think.) Try to be flexible. In a few cases we just decided to divide and conquer and it worked to our advantage.

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