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what annoys you the most when online


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People that don't ready up in lobbies, or people that go AFK in games where being a player short can really screw over your team or the entire session for everybody else.


I get it that you might need go to the toilet, or your phone rings, buddy just came round, pizza in the oven, baby started crying - whatever. Just leave the damn game so we might get someone else join who actually wants to play and be a help to the team and not a hindrance.


It's just pure selfishness. I get it that your personal life is important, but you can ruin games for X amount of players who might have a very limited time to play games due to organizing themselves better.


Whenever you join a multiplayer session, remember it's not all about you.

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I think the most annoying thing now is a double-edged sword:


(1) My business lately and inability to play that often, which ties to

(2) My dead friends list.


Over half of my friends list is dead, in that they haven't been online in years. Then the other half of my friends list is not "dead" but they basically are to my account, because they've all moved to Xbox One and don't touch their 360's anymore.


I don't want an Xbox One, and never will, but it still pisses me off to this day that 360 players can't see their Xbox One friends, other than the notice that they are online.


Because I intend to stick with my 360, I really need to get some new people on my friends list so that when I'm able to play more often again, I'll actually feel like there is life in my list.

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Back when I had 70 plus friends on my list it was every ten seconds, litterly, I kept hearing a ping of someone was now online. I deleted a bunch of people and now I keep it under 20 now. No more constant pings. I now have no more problems online cause a few months ago i lost intrest in vs Mp.

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Well, I've been playing EDF 2025 recently, and I've had this happen in other games, but I really hate it when your unobservant asshole teammate shoots you in the back of the head (when you are standing still, not randomly running in front of him), kills you both, blames you, and then gets you kicked.

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When It Comes Up With Connection Interupted.

BTW When Your Posting A Comment How Do You Put

Your XBOX Name Up?


Since you only have 1 post, I'd recommend going to make up a new account with your Xbox name.


Otherwise, you can just go get some signatures or avatars with your gamertag in them.


I use Fvkasm2x for everything internet related... except for my gamertag for some reason, lol.

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Hmmm, that can be a myriad of things... People playing music in a mic, trolling, spawn trapping, team killing, etc. But the worst? Maybe glitches. For example, if you play infected on Call of Duty: Ghosts and play on a particular map (can't remember the map name) there was a rock you could glitch into and be invincible. Things like that. Using a glitch to get ahead is the worst, especially at the expense of others. If you want to level boost or something, I don't care, unless it affects others. Then, I'm ticked.

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1.)People who take games way too seriously. I.e;They excessively trash talk, constantly yammer and advertise how "good" they think they are. They get mad for really stupid reasons, and stay mad.

2.)Girls who hate girls just for being the same sex as them... Grow up! And guys who add you out of the blue for reasons other than gaming.

3.)Same as most people, I find it pretty damn obnoxious when you're in a lobby with somebody that has something other than talking coming out of their mic (random noises, shitty music, eating, heavy breathing)

4.)I don't really like modders. Call me a filthy purist, but I think playing games they were intended to be played is the better way to go.

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This isn't really annoying, but instead pretty funny. I was playing MW2 with a buddy of mine, and my clan tag is "me>u", because well you know ;), but anyways, we end up in a lobby against a 4 man group (we were playing team tactical) and we were playing 2v4 and lost. However, I, like usual, am on top of the lobby and one of the kids on the other team tried to talk shit via his clan tag like "us>u" and "win" and then I was like, "wow, my clan tag really got into his head already" so then we play them in another game AGAIN 2v4 and lose by 1 flag capture and then he does it again. I'm still amused he's doing it. So then Rust is the next map and doesn't get voted, so like every other person with common sense, I leave because that map is garbage. THEN the kid and his friend try and talk shit... over a clan tag! LOL. anyways, long story short, they were talking shit, I was making a mockery of their existence and eventually I just got bored, left them a little message to question who they are, and blocked them and got off for the night.


TL;DR : kids get mad over my clan tag, beat me and my friend 2v4, talk shit when I leave because of a bad map, I was #1 in both games, I "won an internet fight", those kids are questioning themselves as to what they should do with their life.:dance:


So kids, do not get mad over clan tags, or else you might get owned.

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