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Cross Channel: For All people Announced For PS3 & Vita

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5pb is bring Cross Channel to PS3 & Vita on June 26 2014. (5pb are known for publishing SteinsGate and Phantom Breaker)

Cyberfront isn't publishing this time since they gone bankrupt.


From the screenshots it's look like a plot of X360 version with probably no true widescreen images. (So the game will zoom in the images just like the x360 version did)


Store Link: http://www.play-asia.com/paOScore/19-15-Cross+Channel%3A+For+All+people.html


The standard edition will cost US$ 70.49 and the limited edition will cost US$ 96.99


Article link: http://gematsu.com/2014/02/arcana-heart-3-love-max-coming-ps3-ps-vita


I'm really look forward for LE Vita version.

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Here's some update


The new opening






The first 23 minutes of gameplay without the opening sequence




They also re-released Nanaca†Crash!! for android and ios devices as well.


Here's some gameplay of iphone version I posted





When the trophies goes on live on PSN, you guys should move this thread to correct place.

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