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Question about completion time


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I noticed that the creators of the game are giving away all the dlc and all the rare blueprints for free, so that people can experience all of the game and get the rare blueprint achievements before the game is shut down. I looked at the achievement guide and it says it'll take 100+ hours to complete, but most of the time seemed to come from farming for rare blueprints. So how long will it take to complete the game now that you get all the rare blueprints for free?

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First of all to have gotten the free empire points you have to have already played this game before. They don't give you points right off and there's no guarantee that they will give EP again. I've checked posts online and you can't ask them to give you EP, so if you start this game now you are still looking at a lot of time invested into it just to get the EP needed to buy all the Civ's and Boosters.


Second, that time really doesn't mean anything since I don't think he ever changed it to reflect all of the DLC. To grind out the materials needed to build all of the buildings in Defense of Crete alone is probably going to take you around 40-50 hours at least! Even with them giving you blueprints for free, you're still putting a decent amount of time into this game.


So to summarize: If you've started this game now is the time to come back and knock out as much as you can. 4 months is still plenty of time to get everything if you have the time and patience. If you haven't started this game, avoid it and move on. If you try to 100% this game from scratch you are just asking for a headache. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I haven't started it yet so I'll take your advice and avoid it. I don't think I'd have the patience to complete it anyway.




You know what, most of the time is spent doing crete missions and trying to get the achievement blueprints. Now that the blueprints from crete and the random drops are free, it takes a mountain load of time of the clock.



All though you can earn empire points through quests, you would be farming those quests to buy everything you needed. If you like rts games, I would do it.

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well, I started the game at march 1st (played the beta only) and after 10 days I have 55% of the achievements (according to TA). Got all my 'default blueprint' achievements (I asked for materials in the Trade chat and many players gave me them for free, others can be easily obtained in 5-6minutes quests) and level up Greeks to 40 (Egyptians are level 15 right now). All right all right, I know that I still have Crete to go, but considering that I can level up a civilization to lvl 40 in about 5-6 days without using the "**** of the Empire" glitch (but using skirmish boost method after had finished with the achievement related quests), I will have plenty of time to finish crete before the servers are closed. *Greeks took me a bit longer to complete because I had to finish the "any premium civ." achievements with them (which include the damn "you complete me" achievement!). My conclusion is: I would give the game a try (in my opinion, if you start the game during this month I would dare to say that time is not a excuse, because even if you only play during weekends and holidays, you can do it), but yes, dedication is important to 1000G it before 1st July. Give AoE Online a priority level if you really want to finish it and before you notice, it will be over. And if you are a TA member, it worth 4000+ TA scores, which is amazing!

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