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Free Cement.


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On level 10 the game gives you cement for the tutorial so if you have no cement go back to level 10 the game will give you 1 cement for the tutorial but don't use it instead exit out of the level immediately and you will still have the cement. When you get back to the level select go back into level 10 and it will give you another free cement.

you can get 4 cement at a time with this trick to use on other levels then when you run out just repeat for more free cement.


why pay ridiculous amounts for 3 cement when you have an infinite supply for free.


happy castle building :)

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Brilliant, was wondering how to get more. Also a quick tip you can continually replay level 14 to get the build 50 blueprints and level 19 is good to replay for lighting torches (usually2-3 per game) i know you will get them through progression but if you are stuck for 3 days waiting to play the challenges to unlock the next area for free at least you can get a couple of achievements

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ok the free cement method DOES NOT WORK IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEATEN LEVEL 10 as replaying the level will not give you any more cement once you have cleared it.


Do not finish the level or you can not do this trick so get this out of the way first.


Guess i'll leave this one until the end and delete/re-install once i have done the rest as i do not want to lose my current progress

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How do you access levels 14 and 19 if you don't beat 10?



sorry i am talking about the op free cement method, you will need to do that BEFORE beating level 10 or you will have to buy the cement at £1.30 for 3 (will take around 20 uses to get the achievement meaning around £10)


If you have already passed level 10 then you can either uninstall or do everything else first, then uninstall and go back through to level 10

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