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Big E3 announcement


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Sounds to me more like it is just an announcement of upcoming games utilising DX12. Although in terms of GFWL, I wouldn't be surprised if they announce migration to the Windows 8 Marketplace and platform, ie. patch with Live tile and keep achievements for any games who wish to do so. Since Fable III has not yet been patched over to Steamworks like so many others I am guessing there might be some other news to come from Microsoft at some point soon.

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I seriously doubt this will mean a revival for GFWL. Too many outside companies will see it as too large of a failure to jump back on board, and MS itself is still too focused on the Windows 8 marketplace to move to anything else, besides maybe the invention of a better games hub. Look at the infrastructure that GFWL is built on, feel free to correct me, but it's seen no advancement since launch, it never even received Party compatibility when that launched on the 360. As much as it saddens me, I don't see it being anything other than dead.


I get the feeling that Microsoft is rather hinting about giving their internal teams a bigger push to launch larger and better games for the Windows 8 marketplace. Possibly even making it easier for developers to release Live titles to the platform and release some big budget titles through the marketplace. I could see the Games app getting an upgrade and almost becoming a sales hub like the old Games for Windows Marketplace used to be.



Hopefully there's at least some good news made at E3.

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Given they hired a former big wig at Steam (who admittedly has since left) and have been siging Valve and Steam's praises I have a feeling that MS may be looking to partner up with them.


It may be something to do with Steam Machines or it may be something more generally PC related.


If they did plan to do a new achievement system for PC games though the ideal launch for that would have been the Steam version of Spartan Assault but that has launched without any form of achievements it's unlikely we'll be seeing any non Windows 8 Live PC games anytime soon.


I'd say they'll focus on bringing XBL to iOS and Android and if that works they'll look at relaunching some sort of XBL PC system on the back of that.

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They should try to actually release a relevant PC game before doing any sort of online service.


That would be nice...


Microsoft has said this kind of stuff many times before, lots of talk, not much in the way of action in the last 5 years.


I'm personally a little mixed on this. On the one hand, having better integration for console features like controller support (I have to say, before I became a PC gamer, I had no idea how important native controller support is, sure, any game using DirectX can theoretically be used with a controller, but ones that don't support it natively just feel awful compared to the same game on console or PC titles that do have decent built-in support and let's not forget how poorly integrated controllers are on the UI side of things, though Steam's Big Picture is a step in the right direction), achievements which are also tied to your Xbox LIVE account, perhaps parties, friends lists, messaging and, dare I say it, cross-platform play, among other things, would all be awesome features to have that MS could bring to the table if they tried. And I would say these are areas that, while improving, Steam really lacks in.


On the other hand, though, do I really want to see more of MS' non-sense forcefully integrated into PC games? I've seen all the frustrating things that have happened to me on Xbox LIVE, do I really want to see that carry over to PC? I mean, EA's attempt at forcing their way into the PC market has been pretty bad in many ways (I will say, Origin has gotten better, but there is a lot to not like, least of which being that you HAVE to use it if you want to play the latest EA titles). And god forbid MS try to re-integrate the Gold subscription model to PC for a second time. I don't know, I just see a lot of ways it could be useful, but even more ways that it could make things worse. And that's all assuming it even caught on at all. GFWL was picking up steam (no pun intended) in it's early days, but MS pretty much made screw up after screw up until it just completely ceased being relevant and within about 3 years, despite having some nice features and concepts, it was more or less dead. Now Steam has taken over and publishers might be wary of jumping on the MS train again.


Who knows what will happen, but it will be interesting to see. The one thing they could have up their sleeve is something like the game streaming market, whereas games are run on MS' servers, then streamed over the internet to the user's comparatively weak PC's, it's something they've showcased already and talked about in regards to the Xbox ONE, it could be a market for them on PC, as well.

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