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Score Attack on 1-6

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How tight is this exactly? I collected every HUGE gem and even got all the small out of the way gems yet I still only got to Hansel & Gretel with 49,000-ish and defeating them only slightly pushed me over 50,000.


The score threshold is 55,000.


There is a lot of 'dead' space in this level where you don't collect anything or have any enemies you can kill. The final moving platform and the slow water sections for instance.

Is there a segment which you have to avoid? Like sacrifice the gem/enemies there in favour of keeping your multiplier high?


There is a HUGE gem at the top of the rising/falling water section that takes about 15 seconds of wall bouncing each way that might be for the chopping board.

But I'm scratching my head at where I'll get this extra 5,000 when it feels like I've gotten every available gem.

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