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Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion


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If you are looking to work on achievements, play for pride, or just have a casual game, we encourage you to check out any existing gaming sessions first by clicking HERE.


If you don't see one that works for you, feel free to make a new one. If the achievement you are working towards requires some recruiting in advance, feel free to respond in this thread with details. Please keep all questions, inquiries or information directly related to your created boosting session to the "Comments" section of your gaming session. You can see prior requests for assistance in the archive HERE.


For some guidelines on how to be effective and productive, we also encourage you to read the Beginner's Guide to Boosting.

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On 5/6/2022 at 1:50 PM, Inferno i7 said:



I am also looking for somebody with at least 3 controllers to boost the 6 player achievement with, if you're interested please message or add me on XBL and let's get this done!


Tag: Inferno i7




I might be able to do this with you, I'm just waiting for my extra controllers to arrive.

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