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Are xbox Achievements through physical copy possible?


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and oh, one more question: for those who bought the steam version, it is possible to find a way to activate xbox achievements?
No one has found a way thus far. You are pretty much screwed with steam games as far as Microsoft platform achievements go. Also yes I have been told by numerous people that the retail version of the PC game still yields achievements no problem, just make sure you are aware that just as for the 360 versions of the game, the standard and GOTY editions have separate achievement lists.
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I got conflicting answers on the steam forum page when I asked the same question. http://steamcommunity.com/app/35140/discussions/0/540737414735487155/?tscn=1396926371


Basically I was recently told there that the retail version of the Batman games does NOT have xbox achievements. I already payed for the game but still didn't get it delivered. If anyone has solid proof that about its existence or lack of existence that would be great since I will have the option of returning the packages or selling them without opening the packages.



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