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Fun Kinect Games for excercising


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Hi, I've already got a few dance & Sport games which are great for working up a sweat, but can anyone recommend a fun game for the Kinect. Something that's still good exercise but doesn't feel like a workout, maybe a kid's game or adventure game?

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Wipeout: In the Zone (Any of them, for that matter)

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Dance Central


Doodle Jump for Kinect

Cabela's Adventure Camp


You're not going to get an 'actual' workout with these though but you should build up a sweat, especially with Wipeout.


UFC Personal Trainer and Nike+ Kinect Training are about as good of a workout you can get on the kinect. But then again, they are going to feel like a workout.

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My favorite kinect games so far are the Dance Central games, but Just Dance is more of a funny/silly dance game. (I would also suggest downloading Kinect Playfit to keep track of the calories you burn..and get some achievements along the way)


There's all the Kinect Fun Lab games, but I'm not sure I'd call most of them much of a workout, though it does get you up and moving.

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