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No "battle card experience"....


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For someone who has never played this type of game, could someone tell me what the learning curve is like? Are games like this and magic the gathering time consuming in regards to getting good or enjoying the game? Any comments on the subject would be helpful. Thank you in advance.



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Yu-gi-oh is pretty easy to understand. If you have no idea about the rules id suggest you'd watch some youtube about it. Singleplayer in this game isnt that hard when you actually understand. Multiplayer is a bit harder cuz of yhe degree of varation of decks that people use. Sometimes your deck is good against another deck other times you get raped.


So yeah to summarize not a big learning curve but if you really wanna be good youd have to put some time in learning what most populair decks and cards are.

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if you dont know how to play yugioh at all, i would not recommend this game. mainly because the starer deck sucks and unlocking cards is a lackluster. if your into magic the gathering i recommend you buy one of those games. great for beginners where this yugioh game is for people who already know how to play.


magic and yugioh play pretty similar, so whatever you pick will help you learn the other game also.

(yes i know some game mechanics are different but they are more similar than they are different)

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