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Most annoying area?


Most annoying area?  

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  1. 1. Most annoying area?

    • Heide's Tower of Flame/No Man's Wharf
    • Forest of the Fallen Giants
    • Shaded Woods/Drangleic Castle
    • Shrine of Amana/Undead Crypt
    • Dragon Aerie/Dragon Shrine
    • The Gutter/Black Gulch/Grave of Saints
    • Memory of Vammar/Orro/Jeigh
    • Belfry Sol/Iron Keep
    • Lost Bastille/Sinner's Rise
    • Earthen Peak/Harvest Valley

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You forgot an area on the poll. The Pilgrims of the dark - Chasms of the Dark.


My vote goes for this place. Screw the Dark Lurker too.


how did i forget about those hellholes... :confused:


that is one of the few areas that i am not looking forward to now that i am in NG+

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No need to do them in NG+ :)


well that is indeed good news:)


it actually wasn't the darklurker that gave me problems, it was that stupid rapier guy/holes in the ground in the havel chasm that did me in multiple times...lol


i don't even remember how many times it took me to clear that chasm...i cleared the other two chasms and the darklurker on my first or second attempt but that damn rapier guy and the holes in the ground...i still have nightmares about that chasm...:eek:


i'll probably still give it a go in NG+ though...i love punishment

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On my first playthrough I had some real trouble dealing with those giant mace wielding knights in Dragon Throne. They attack so fast and deal so much damage its almost impossible to kill them with melee. But on my second play through I started working on my magic and that place became pretty much a walk in the park.

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