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Regarding the leaderboard achievement:

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Couple questions:


1) Does it have to be literally in the "top players" section of the leaderboard, or can you be in the top 250 leaderboard of a round (my best ranking is 14)?


2) Say you make top 250 for wherever it's required, but you haven't played 100 rounds yet, will it pop immediately upon reaching 100 or will you have to re-place yourself in the top 250 again?



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1) Literally in the top players. Doesn't need to be All Time, though.

So it is not that bad because there are daily leaderboard and weekly ones too. You just need to jump on right when the board resets and start earning points quick. See the guide for more info. You can also switch your language.


2) You'll most likely need to be in that position on the leaderboard at the time.

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