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Wolfenstein: The New Order

Early release?

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ok this is the UK retail version. Only had a quick chance to have a look yet but these are in the first real mission. Not really got into the open world yet but crates/walls/posters all have swastikas everywhere.






no idea why as i'm shit at FPS but decided to Play on Uber, no real issues yet but only on mission 2. Lots of ammo/medkits everywhere which is helpful and achievements are popping all over the place.



The good news is that despite the 50gb install and nearly 8gb day one patch (this is available now) you can start playing at around 10% installed so you will not need to wait around forever

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no problem, little further in now and as you can see, enemies have swastika armbands & nazi flags & crap everywhere.




The levels seem quite linear so far but large enough & there is quite a bit of exploring to do (you are often given a choice of go left/right/straight etc. 2 will lead a different path but often stop with a dead end with some stuff to collect while one will progress the story)

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i have unlocked a few perks so far, some will come from just playing the game & others will take a bit of effort.


they are mostly kill so many people in certain ways & this will add to your abilities such as more damage with weapons, better damage, move more quietly etc:




stealth kill a commander & you will unlock interesting objects on the map, stealth kill 5 commanders & then they will show on the map.


stealth kill with knives & you can unlock throwing knives, kill 5 with throwing knives & you can then carry more knives etc



The tactical perks are mostly for killing people from cover with various weapons and unlocks bigger mags, faster reloads etc


assault perks are for more ammo again but this time for turrets, faster dual wield reloads & movement etc and require you to kill people with turrets (5 in 10 seconds + 20 total), kill 3 people whilst sprint sliding amongst other things


The demolition perks are grenade/rpg related. kill 10 people to unlock being able to throw back enemy grenades, then kill 5 people with thrown back grenades to unlock next perk etc. You can also carry more, take less damage etc based on meeting kill requirements.


All of these are tracked ingame, you can die & restart checkpoints to get them to pop so most of them should be very easy to get simply through playing the game. If you are playing on hard/uber then as soon as you trigger an alarm/are spotted you usually get 6-10 enemies swarm you within seconds so there are plenty of people to kill.



********************slight possibility of spoilers below but nothing too in detail***************


There are also 20-30or so collectables on each level.


some enigma code pieces, some treasure, some letters, concept art and each enemy type also serves as an unlock. I haven't been going out of my way to look for them and have managed to find about 60% on each level so far without even looking at the map.


Each level can be replayed using chapter select although it would appear that you need to play at least the first level twice in order to unlock both the ***choose blah blah character*** achievements (reloading checkpoint does not work) and not sure yet if you can actually get all the collectables in one play through as depending on which character you will pick the game splits in two meaning you can replay the game completely with a different perspective

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I'm hoping the Australian XBox site has made a mistake.


It is showing it available for $289.95 :confused:

What mistake? You should know that we pay more for our games compared to the UK and US. :p


Really tempted to try and buy. Not sure how it'll work if I ask for a refund on the $200 extra that I paid once they get around to fixing the price.

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If you search for it its listed on the X1 uk marketplace at the pricely sum of £114.99

So it's not just overpriced for Australians then.


Word is that they (publisher) have given retailers the a-okay to start selling the game since it has broken street date. Seeing how we can purchase it digitally, maybe Microsoft are seeing how many idiots will pay 2/3/4x the retail price to get it early? :p

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