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Days and Level Names


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Why is it the days between the two teams vary so much?


Day 7 on Resistance is: Attack on CCity

Day 4 on Security is: Dirty Bomb


Yet the objectives are just reversed, Was the the resistance stoned and took 3 days to respond?


Also i notice when finish a level and its doing its coutdown to the "next level" its never the same name as in the campaign list, not sure if im playing something random or actually the next level. Seems bit odd.


I am playing "online" but friends and invite only so i get the XP bonus, no one i know plays this or ever has so its always solo, but the names don't match with any of the level names on either side so its not even as if its doing it randomly. Just on the level select its called one thing and in the lobby its called another. :/


It's a tad annoying because i want to play the story (if you can call it that) in order, but the names throw me always so i always end up quitting to the main screen to check what the next level is, its never been the name. Last one was Terminal, there is no level in campaign called terminal. It might be calling it by map name (I havent checked actually and just thought of that) but should it not call the next level by its level name not map name?


Can't complain to much, bought this for £1 and its not bad, frustrating in places but i play solo alot and this is obviously a team based game. AI could be better but meh.

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