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New to the game.


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Greetings all, I just started playing this via the GwG and find it a lot of fun; I was wondering if someone could give me few tips as I don"t know the basics of the game. Things such as what are "souls" used for besides leveling up. I spent the better part of an hour or so trying to kill everything with the sword hilt because when i went to equip the shield and sword i picked up i didn't know how. I started as a warrior class if that's relevant.


I just downloaded it myself with the game manual. I konw is not much but in my opinion having the manual on the game itself is very annoying. Hope this helps!



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Sadly, I went into Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion "blind playthrough". I regret it to this day, totally overwhelemd me. I am still yet to play it, one day I will, but not before having a guide on me like I have been doing ever since.



o.0 Oblivion explains everything to you... Try Morrowind, no quest markers, no fast travel and just a massive journal with the information on quests that you have learnt that if you don't focus on one thing at a time (or use UESP) you will forgot/lose what page it was on.




I started this game sometime back when it was on sale, should of waited as i haven't put more than an hour into it and then it became free but ohwell. Have read lots because i do find it alot to take in, the learning curve at the start seems to be quite steep but im sure once you get past that it becomes alot easier. Just not had time lately, keep getting good rentals (new games rather than older fast 1k ones.)

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I hated this game for the forst 10 hours I played it. I kept dying and it was really frustrating. I kept doing research on the game to find out what was what, but the thing that got me hooked was what I call my first successful battle. I traded blows with an enemy for quite some time before finally killing it, and it was extremely rewarding. Dark Souls has come to be one of my top five favorite games of all time. Just stick with it, despite the difficulty.

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