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Blatant Copy of Nintendogs?


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Looking at the various options and gameplay, it almost seems like a 1-to-1 copy of the game. From the petting & scrubbing, the up-close animations that sometimes occur (also used in Smash Bros with the Assists), the inputs for the various tricks... it just seems like they invested in a DS and a Nintendogs Cartridge, shipped it to China, and told them "Make this."



I could almost forgive the blatant copying of everything that made up Nintendogs, but then they went the Freemium route. Which now means screwing the pooch in terms of gameplay to try and make a buck or thousand off of whales, instead of just selling it right off the bat and not ruining the gameplay. The energy timer is bad in particular for being able to play with your pet, as well as the early game in trying to get money for the overpriced everything.

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