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SDR3AR: "Searching for game..." 10 mins later

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I'm having hard time getting in lobby with 4 players. So if there a few of you who want to group up and help with win first place in 4player lobby and finish with 4 players and any other achievements send me messege on Xbox my GT is CanadianHippieX


I'm up for this, i got to the party late. I'll send you a request on Live soon but for now my GT is Badgerblakey

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Am one of the lucky ones that got all the multiplayer achievements with randoms, hence would not mind helping others who needs it.


Drop me a message on Live GT: skulls4tots

Timezone: (GMT+8)


If I online at time of need will just jump in to help :)

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Yes, I'm late to this one too. Looks like this game is a horror show to get the achievements. Dead Rising 2 had achievements attached to online games like this and that was equally a mess. They should have known this was a bad idea and made achievements tied to goals you can hit on your own single player.


Feel free to add me to your friends list if you are going to be grinding this one out. I'll jump on when I can and help out if I see you playing.


GT: Master Hates

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