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Location of Golden Yashichi (pinwheel)

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There is a Golden Yashichi in each district of the game to conquer so enough for each player playing a 4 players coop game from start to completion of DLC game.



Note: Ingletion and Central City ones are found via guides from internet sources..



District: Ingletion

When to find: Round 5 (to final fight with super zombie)

Location guide: while going to final destination, stop at wrench o rama car workshop, go up the stairs to the office on the second floor to get it.



District: Central City

When to find: Round 4 (return the vehicles)

Location guide: In the hotel where one of vehicle pickup on the second floor, once enter the hotel door turn left and head into the room with all the scaffolding. Go from the left to go up to the top scaffolding to get it.



District: Sunset Hills

When to find: Round 2 (save the survivors)

Location guide: When saving one of the survivor on the hanging metal support, instead turn around, jump, climb up and enter the (main game) safe house and its at the back, clear the room of zombies and get it.



District: South Almuda

When to get: Either round 4 (Destroy the Bombs)

Location guide: There is one bomb located within the power generators area, either after or before destroying the bomb, its on the higher metal walkway facing the big warehouse (again where one of the first set of bomb is located in the middle of the warehouse) climb up via one of the enclose circuit box beside a building to reach the metal platform to get it.

Note: if you have explore the power generator area in main game, its the area where you can find the RPG, chairs and a lot of rations on this metal platform.




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Thanks for this. I ended up randomly finding it on accident. I looked up through the window of the Wrench-O-Rama and saw something pointy and golf spinning. Went up to see what it was and noticed it was a Golden Yashichi :).


Most welcome try to help as its one of the out of the way item in the game and may help others who are already in a particular district or stage and would like to find one to clear for achievement...:dance:

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Just out of curiosity what does the Yashichi do anyways? Anything different than the Blue S powerup?


And does the gold one do anything different sill?


The regular Yashichi gives you a point boost (5,000, I think). I can't remember what exactly the Golden one does as I've only gotten it once, but I imagine it just gives you more points.

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