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Microsoft says it isn't shutting down GFWL


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I got through as much Dawn of War II as I could handle, the multiplayer was a no go for me but I'm glad to have cleared the campaign and got through as many of the miscellaneous campaign achievements I could do.


Other than that I got half way through Super Street Fighter IV, did a fair chunk of Flight before my save file got buggered and wrapped up Halo 2 and the campaign of Gears of War on insane.


Happy with what I got out of them, before it goes altogether or the games that are 3rd party switch over to Steamworks.

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Wow, I only have Tinker and Where's Waldo too..

Waldo glitched on me and didn't give me the achievements even though i have completed it. Just need to go back to Tinker now.. haha


log into tinker or any other game get one achievement and log back into Waldo. Go into the last one again. That's what I did after reading about it. It then popped for me.

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