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Achievement/Game Glitch

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I Started playing this game yesterday. I played it again for like an hour I'm guessing before i went to sleep. Get home from work today turn it on and iv lost like an hours worth of my game. No big deal im enjoying it so i carry on and when i drowned the dog thing in lava for the second time i got the achievement :\ I didn't get the achievement the first time because i remember thinking i'm surprised they didn't add an achievement for that. Odd... So i'm continuing playing and I'm learning the intenso thing for the second time and i get a bloody achievement that i didn't get when i played that part the first time. Has this happened to anyone else?

-My profile is the only profile on my Xbox so i know i was signed in to my account every time.

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I was wondering why I only got an achievement at the beginning when I got the mask. So, I went and looked at the achievements in the "Achievements App." Turns out I got another 5, but I never got notifications for any of them. Odd thing is, I got a notification on the first one, nothing on the other 4 and I never changed a damn thing.....

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