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Survival achievements were hard. So I wanted to make this post. First of all, i did single match the whole time. I used Shisui with Ultimate Jutsu all the way up to the Uchiha Clan cup in Advanced Survival then I lost at Madara and then after I lost I chose Madara with Ultimate Jutsu type. With Shisui I chakra dash canceled whenever the opponent substituted. I used his combo cancel which is :bbut: :bbut: :bbut: :bbut: then :ybut: :ybut: :bbut:. After that i used Madara and spammed his Ultimate Jutsu because its range and the com's clumsiness at taking at on full force. I also used his combo cancel which is :bbut: :bbut: :bbut: :bbut: then :ls: up then :bbut: then :ybut: :ybut: :bbut:. I used him until Historic Hokage. His combo cancel Then I used Kakashi and did his which is the same setup as Shisui. I had trouble with Tailed Beast Cup which causes each attack to seal you. So I tried various characters like Sasori and The Second Mizukage because of his ranged combos. Then I settled on Mecha-Naruto in awakening type. I used everything typed while doing the following :bbut: :bbut: :bbut: :bbut: then I flicked the :rs: then I did a couple of attacks in his combo then I flicked the :rs: again. I managed to get S-rank on almost all the battles in the Tailed Beast Cup. Then for defeating 30 enemies I used Minato (Reanimation) and used everything. Including his combo cancel which is :bbut: :bbut: :bbut: :bbut:, :rs: down, :bbut: then :ybut: :ybut: :bbut:.

Hopefully this helped.:) :thumbsup:

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