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Does this game games achievements look loads harder than before and gameply looks twice as intense as the last, which will make enemies harder unless you are more skilled lol


Sry for long reply, yeah some of the cheevo's might take some time to get because they r of higher tier gameplay but I seriously don't think enemies will be a lot 'harder' because of this. I would welcome an more intense gameplay in this game because the last 2 Naruto games I played had very few 'intense' fights in them.

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the list is like a combination of storm 3 and generations that being said its really not that hard. back on storm 2 the achievements were more of a drag for example collecting all the titles and winning a certain amount on online matches etc. those that are familiar with the storm series wont have much problems but those that are new and this is their first entry they might have trouble getting use to the mechanics

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