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Tips & Notes for Nightosphere-50

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In general, the 50-level Nightosphere run will take 4-5 hours, possibly more. The goal is to survive, being a little cautious, exploring to find the exit and buttons, and exiting levels as early as possible. Despite any need for money for the other achievements, your haul is capped at a max of 999. And if you die before reaching Nightosphere level 51, you've wasted more time and money than from a regular dungeon haul. Once you have your needed equipment (sub-weapon and familiar), don't bother with chests, don't go after gold, ration your food unless an enemy drops it (as that will disappear after a short bit), and try to remember the dungeon layouts to quickly 'mark' tiles on you minimap for button and exit locations.




Main Loadout

* Ice King (with maximum upgraded stats)

* Sub-Weapon Axe

* Token: Speed-up (Speedy Feet)

* Token: Half-Damage (Zeldron's Armor)

* Familiar: Flambo the Salamander/Flame Elemental (found in dungeon)




Ice King, with maximum upgrades.


He has a ranged attack, with his focused charge shooting three homing icicles (charge-cicles) with a pretty good turning radius. Accuracy can be a problem, but given the range, you can avoid counterattacks more easily. Note that his attacks do not cause stun, unless they freeze an enemy.

He can float over pits, saving time exploring the dungeon and allowing for shortcuts. Ice King will still be damaged by fire pits, unless Flambo is the current familiar or you switch a token for 'Fire Proof'. The former is recommended.


Attacks can sometimes freeze enemies. This rarely happens, so don't expect it, but it's a nice little bonus.


3rd-level imagination kills most enemies, leaves others with 1 hit to kill. Good for generator areas or open areas with way too many enemies. The second level is invulnerability, but the time of it is rather short, shorter than a Lamb Relic. Level 1 freezes enemies, which can help in a pinch, but normally should wait for level 3.







Although slow, it has decent range and good damage for a melee weapon.

More importantly:

1) its wide arc makes it easier to hit enemies than your icicle.

2) It can hit multiple enemies in one attack

3) It will almost always stun an enemy, allowing follow-up slices or stopping their current attack.

The stuns can also affect generators, resetting the animation and interrupting the generation of a new enemy.







No way around it, you want to make sure you have all your stats upgraded. Otherwise, you're making things even more difficult than they already are. Even imagination. Level 3 is a smart bomb that will kill most everything except hugwolves, deer, and plants. Those will need another icicle attack to finish up. Focus is also very important, to speed up the charging of your 3-shot homing icicles (Charge-cicles).




* Half-Damage Token (Zeldron's Armor)

* Speed Token (Speedy Feet)


Half damage is basically doubling your life. This is INVALUABLE, particularly on the 3-minute survival boss. Food will still heal its normal amount, but its effectiveness is doubled due to hearts now counting as 4 hits, rather than 2.


Speed token is similar, as you can get out of the way of danger, and explore the dungeon faster. The goal for this achievement is to find where you need to go, and get out of there. Worst case, the exit is locked, and you will need to search for the button that, when hit, will unlock the exit.


As far as 'Easy Mode' tokens, I attempted it before, and failed on a boss fight (3 minute survival) on level 40. Sadly, the token didn't actually make it easy. It only seems to do the following:

* Gives 1 max thump, like the token

* Gives double health from food, like the token

* Prevents all curses; does not prevent loss of sub-weapon on a hug curse, however.


The double-food health seems nice, but half damage is effectively the same thing but with more maximum health. This means better survival in a critical situation. Also, your damage appears to be the same, so it doesn't appear to have the extra damage tokens as an effect. Since it's not often that you'll get cursed (unless you keep opening chests or being bad at timing the Magic Man), the loss of speed and defense does not make up for the curse immunity.





Flambo / Fire Elemental

Prevents fire damage, including from pits and from enemies. The one and only one you should keep. Once you get this one, keep it and never open another chest. You risk getting a bad familiar that could replace him. The rest below aren't as useful, either, for the main goal of finding the exit and using it.



Useful in a pinch if you get it, to drop food to keep you healed. Since s\he disappears after some time, do not rely on it.


Clown Nurse

Her ranged attack is weak, and enemies are prone to dodging it. She's actually a hindrance when fighting birds, as she can cause them to split prematurely if you're trying to kill them with a single axe swing.



Get-out-of-curse-free card. Again, you shouldn't be encountering curses by not messing with chests after Flambo, and cursed chests are usually easy to dodge if you always move away from them.


Watermelon (Stanley)

Can block projectiles, but has a limited lifetime (either # of hits and/or time). Like BMO, don't rely on it, and prefer fire immunity.




Item Drops



Most important thing. If enemies drop them, keep an eye on them and fill up if at all injured. Enemy drops will disappear after a set time, with a very short time of blinking at the end.

Otherwise, keep a few on the ground to retreat to and heal up if necessary.



Ignore. You might grab one if it's on your way, but speed is of the essence. If you collect some in your path, you'll probably max out around levels 20-25, anyway, and the rest will be wasted regardless.



The goal is to get sub weapons if you don't have an axe, and to get the Salamander Familiar. Once you have the latter, ignore these completely, including on timed floors. Only risk opening one if a box completely blocks you from getting somewhere due to where it spawned.


Demon Heart (+damage)

Doesn't last long enough to be of great use, but it can help out your icicles. Does not appear to affect the axe.


Lamb Relic (invincibility)

Immunity can allow two things:

1) Quickly clearing out enemies and generators

2) Quickly scouting an area full of enemies to see if buttons or the stairs are near.

Focus on #2, though make sure to kill generators along the way while doing so.


Molasses (Invisibility)

Similar to the Lamb Relic. You can still take damage, but all enemies ignore you, possibly lasting longer than the Relic. Plants will still shoot, so remember you are not immune.




Next post will have enemies. Third will have boss notes.

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The below are enemies found in the Nightosphere, the estimated difficulty (out of 5), about how many attacks are required to kill with a maximum-stat Ice King, and other notes. Also note that less-difficult versions may spawn, with less health or abilities. They are not accounted for, for number of hits required.

Fairies [3]

Three ice shots to kill. Two axes.

Created from generators

Has a quick attack, and a charge attack that does twice the damage.

They can also move VERY quickly, and sometimes do a quick attack after (or partway)

When they move slowly, hit with the axe to really stun, or charge to hopefully hit with 3 homing-cicles.

Birds [4]

Two* ice shots to kill. One Axe.

Created from generators

A bird will split once if it is damaged but not killed. The clones will not continue splitting. It will dart a short bit, flutter, and repeat the dart motion. After three times, it is 'primed', and will charge directly at you when close enough. It will then need to dart 3 more times before it can charge again. Goad it into attacking, move sideways to avoid, and strike quickly with the axe. Alternatively, use homing-cicles, let it split, and continue homing on the remainder.

Live Wire Snakes [4]

3/4 ice shots to kill. Two axes.

May randomly appear.

Hovers, may slowly move, before turning completely invincible and bounding around at high speeds. It will bounce off of walls and the camera view's edge, regardless of whether it's open floor past there. The bounces start diagonally, but certain walls may change the angle. After they finish bouncing, they are vulnerable for a few seconds before repeating their dash.

Strongly suggest taking out as quick as possible.

However, you can 'trap' a snake off the field; it will bounce around, but the playfield wall works both ways.

Pigs [4]

3 ice shots to kill. Two axes.

Created from Generators.

Wanders a bit, shoots a wand that can do serious damage in 4 directions, then quickly warps around. After warping, it has a slow wait time before it can shoot. After that, be extremely careful of being left, right, up, or down of one. The beam generally goes until it hits a wall, and it WILL hurt. Sometimes will shoot at random just to be able to warp again.

Quickly shoot once it pops into place, use charge-cicles, and/or shoot diagonally.

Remember, stay out of the 4 directions, or only dash into its line of fire (at range) to get it to fire off and warp again.

HugWolves [3]

4 ice shots to kill. Two axes.

May randomly appear. May also seem to warp.

Can 'hug' you for the hug curse, and sometimes takes away your sub-weapon. The hug does not appear to damage you, but you can still get hit by other projectiles for damage. May strafe side to side; this indicates it's about to charge at you, with a decent distance.

Back away and let it do so, possibly letting lose a charge-cicle.

Currently unsure if, after killing, it always drops the weapon (thus possibly being a thief?)

Flame Grunts [2]

4 ice shots to kill. Two axes.

They slowly walk towards you, doing a punch that will knock you down and deal moderate damage. May also do a 'flame' slam that will cause fire damage if too close to it. Slow, but they can soak up damage meant for other creatures, or catch you unaware.

Candlesticks [2.5]

4 ice shots to kill, two axes.

May randomly appear.

Much like Flame Grunts, except faster. Upon death, will fall down, and after a few seconds, will explode and shoot 8 bullets in a set pattern.

Guards [2.5]

3/4 ice shots to kill. Two axes.

Slow, but near-perfect defense when attacked from front. Tends to go in a straight line before telegraphing that it will turn. Has a melee attack that does severe damage. Leaves behind a trail that does fire damage as well. You can also shoot it from the front to have it defend itself, then move beside it and fire off shots that will hit.

Flowers [5]

5 ice shots to kill. Two axes. One axe + 3 shots.

Shoots in 6 directions, with two distinct shot patterns.

Also creates a field of cinders, ice, or mud; Ice King will ignore these fields thanks to flight. Those fields disappear after the flower dies. It will always shoot after a set amount of time unless stunned; this may not match other flowers' timing.

It may send a 'cloud' that wanders slowly, stopping before creating another clone flower. These clones will keep cloning, but only the last one of a set/chain may create clones. If you kill the end flower clone that pops, the chain is broken and that set won't clone anymore. There may be a few sets on the same screen, so be careful.

Use axe to stun (delaying shot timer) and to kill more quickly. Also may hit several if they're in range.

Deer [2.5]

4 ice shots to kill. 2 axes.

May randomly appear. Tends to warp around too, even to already-cleared areas of the dungeon.

Stays in place, and turns in four directions. It will pace the ground when it detects you, and charge in 8 directions, whichever would be closest to hit you regardless of when it started pacing. After charging, it will then begin running away from you, before resetting to turning in place.

Danger comes from them being able to charge from offscreen, or even from off the playfield. Getting hit will stun both it and you, but other enemies may be able to shoot or hit you at this time. If they get spawned within a wall, they may still be able to charge through it at you, for a sneak attack.

Lub Glubs (Green) [4.5]

5 ice shots to kill. 3 axes.

May randomly appear. May warp, not certain.

Slowly moves, and may toss explosive pool toys at a fair distance in 8 directions.

Green ones explode, yellow ones may become 'mines', and purple ones will spawn yellow Lub Glubs. The yellow ones can't make new Lub Glubs, but they will make things more difficult for you. Explosions may damage other enemies.

Slow movement means charge shots work well on these enemies. Additionally, the axe can set off the yellow mines, but being too close will still hurt you. Seems you have to be left or right of it for this to work.

Magic Man [3]

Will often appear twice in a level; you kill one, you may still see another.

11 axe to kill. Whole bunch of ice shots (30?). Retains damage done, so you can whittle him down when he reappears. Normally, he warps in, dances back and forth, making him hard to hit, and will cast a curse cloud. Occasionally, he may also go aggro, approaching you instead of running away. Doing this, he will kick at you when close enough.

The axe can stun-lock him if he's against a wall. He won't be stunned when in aggro mode., so be careful. You can also try to get him to cast another curse on you if you get something really nasty or long-lasting (like poison).

Death [4]

Whole bunch of ice shots. Do not recommend using Axe.

Appears if you take too long on a level; if you're going quickly enough, you may never see him. He also tends to pop in from the Exit, so worst case, you can use him to try and find the way to said exit.

If you get too close, he hugs for major damage, thus ALWAYS shoot him from afar. He may also throw 1 or 3 bones for moderate damage, with a distinctive sound beforehand.

He may use his eye-beam as a tractor beam; you can get a few potshots on him by moving away, quickly turning around to fire once or twice, then moving away again

Additionally, charge and turn back to him if in a somewhat open area.

Lastly, he may get stuck on walls/edges. In the right position, you can easily shoot at him without him getting closer. Sometimes it may even block the ranged bones (but always be wary!)





Next post is for boss tips.

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Every five floors is a boss round. Make sure to have your health topped off, as it won't heal itself and you'll be in a world of hurt on some bosses if you don't have enough life. As you should be Ice King, make good use of his ranged attack and charge attack.



10: Cat

Simple enough; just keep shooting it. Shouldn't lose much health, if any, if you keep back out f range of its tongue. Doesn't have much health, either, so this should end in less than a minute. Hopefully you'll get this more than once during your run.



20: Stampede

You have Flambo, right? The vents won't hurt you, although poison clouds and laser fences can. Just hurry, and spam the (A) button to hit any panels or wheels that you pass by, as well as grab speed potions for a second of speed. If you don't have a familiar, be careful around the vents. They will do as much damage as being caught by the stampede, and you can get hurt several times if you're not careful.



60: 3-minute survival (Goliad/Stormo)

This is why you need the speed token; it's hard to reach the openings for the flame waves, especially when the room's lighting doesn't show where they are at first. When the two are thrown against the walls, I tended to duck in the bottom-left corner. Additionally, charge up your attack in case the other monsters get closer to you. Just hope you get here with a full life bar if the game throws this boss at you.



70: Lemongrab

Stay near the bottom, away from both. The one that moves (#2) needs to be shot several times, and he will hurt you if he gets close enough. Once he's stunned, stay near the bottom, kill lemons that get too close, and wait until the fan turns on. At this point, make sure to put some distance between you and him, to fire off more shots before he can get close.



80: Flame Princess Generator

Shoot the lights as normal. With Ice King's range, you can stay closer to the stairs so that you can escape when the machine starts up again. Repeat as needed; you shouldn't really lose life here.



90: Gumball Guardians

Range and charge shots are great here, but ALWAYS be careful to avoid attacks. Once the second phase starts, it's mainly about survival; pre-set the correct answer, then keep dodging. Additionally, two ice creams spawn at the bottom during the second phase, so use them to heal if needed.



100: Gum Hive

The final boss would be difficult if you haven't fought it yet. As a note, the enemies that spawn can drop food, which can help keep you alive. Once you know how to beat the boss, simply learn how to dodge the (telegraphed) attacks, keep your health up, and keep shooting at range to get to the final phase.

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