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Exploit Power-ups for 195 Stars


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EDIT: I realized I'm on the Windows Phone board with this solution, and this may not work. If it does not work, mods please delete this!


I'm still waiting on finding enough people for the last achievement I need, the lives request one, but I was able to get everything else including 195 stars.


I sort of used a variation of the concrete exploit where but for the whole game. If a level was giving me trouble, I would refill my power ups until I got 3 stars, whether it required enough concrete to get that stability bonus or the randomization one to get the special piece you need. Even some levels require some degree of luck on having the right pieces even when you are loaded up with all possible powerups.


So here's how to get all of your power-ups refilled for free:

1. Uninstall game from the metro screen.

2. Reinstall game from the Windows Store.

3. Start the game, but DO NOT log in to Xbox Live or Facebook, and instead start level one.

4. Finish level 1 as needed and then log in to Xbox Live on the results screen. You can log in afterwards, but I've found there's a chance that you will have to wait forever for the screen to scroll upwards if you are filling up the map screen from 2 levels to 60+, so best to do it before.

5. Voila! Your powerups are refilled!

6. If you run out, repeat steps 1-5.


This may have been explained elsewhere, but I don't know if specifically it was targeted towards anything except the concrete achievement. Hopefully the developers do not fix this as the game is already frustrating enough.


What I find sad here is that underneath it all, there is a good game here and I follow Rogue Rocket because of Nick Bruty's past games, but I am getting sick of their free to play schemes. The only good game Rogue Rocket has done is Gunpowder, and that is an amazing puzzle game and it's polished and well oiled because you pay your money up front and don't rely on dirty free to play schemes that weigh down anyone from ever finishing your game.


Maybe one day they can rerelease Throne Together as a game where you pay $2-3 up front like Gunpowder and put in a way to earn the powerups without paying, but as of now, this release is absolute trash and I hope you all use this exploit to get all the achievements if you found yourself a few gamerpoints in and regret starting the game.

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