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Broken Achievements Post Dragons Teeth


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Hey Guys,


Anyone else having the same problem?


I maxed out the game at 57/57 and now with dragons teeth there is 62.


I have 4 of the achievements, only points for 3 of them and it says either 57/57, 58/62 or 61/62 depending on where you look.


Anyone know any details and if Microsoft will issue a fix?

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I'm having this same issue, I unlocked the achievements before the Xbox.com website was updated, but it showed up on my console. The website is now updated, but it shows the achievements as being locked, even though I unlocked them. I have the gamerscore to prove I got them, and it shows it being unlocked on the console.


I have unlocked another achievement since them for DT, and it now reflects properly on the website. I'm not sure what the problem is, but if there isn't a fix, then we'll be stuck at having 9x% completion if anybody looks at our profiles on Xbox's website.

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Hey man sounds good:


I'll try this and report back when I can tonight :)


[edit] attempted and this does work for me too. Sign out, re download your profile to your xbox. Load up BF4. Go into any multiplayer game and the achievements will pop when you join (I had 3 pop for 70g).

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Attempted fix
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