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Insane co-op levels!

iTz x Ch4o5

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Hi I'm in the same boat, sending you a friend request now but xbox says it "cant complete the process" ?? ? ?


Please add me.


GT: hydrophillic

h y d r o p h i l l i c (no caps no spaces)


Anyone else looking to complete campaign on insane, please add me also. I'm on the final level of chapter 5. I'm on a lot - please no quitters.. i know this game is extremely frustrating on insane.. Looking for solid players

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I need to play insane co-op too. Not started it yet, but I'm half way through Insane solo and have finished normal on solo/co-op (still need to do a few early normal co-op levels actually, but no big deal).


It's not too bad doing the early parts of insane co-op with randoms.. but I'm learning in later chapters you really need a solid partner to get them done in a reasonable amount of time.


I accepted your add, I'll be on today and tonight.. probably tomorrow also.


Other people still feel free to add me! If you're close to chapter 5, that would be a plus. But I'm glad to help anyone out who wants to play

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