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Seriously achievement


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There are gamers unlocking it on a daily basis. Just make sure to dedicate yourself to it and take advantage of any/every session you come across to boost the achievement.


I was going for it at one stage and within a 2 weeks (session a day, 3/4 hours) I was at about 2,200 kills. Can get more done in less time, it may take longer, but find a handful of others who want it as well and it'll unlock in no time.

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Is it even worth trying to get this achievement this late and not ever played a rank match? Trying to decide if I should go for this achievement.



This was the game that inspired me to get a 360 (I watched a friend play it and thought "wow")

Anyway, this is my proudest achievement (I even have it in my profile). It can be glitched but I can't remember how to do it now or what repercussions would come from it, but I got mine legit and I was ecstatic when it finally popped. Be aware though, it generally doesn't pop on exactly 10,000 kills, it popped for a friend of mine but it took him to 13,000 kills, mine popped on 10,700(ish). Not sure why the difference in numbers but it's worth it if you can still find players

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