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Special Starhead ''BOOM!''


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Hello Battleblock Theater players,



I was wondering if someone is able and willing to trade ''BOOM!'' with me for 250 gems ( I don't know the worth of ''BOOM!'', so maybe the price isn't accurate).

''BOOM!'' is my favorite Special Starhead :) ! (It 's the Bomb head)


EDIT: I'm willing to trade (for ''BOOM!'') the following Starheads: ''Moose'', ''ISEEYOU'', ''Mr. Peabody'',

''Snail'', ''BLOCKeteer'', ''Toothbrush'', ''FBI Agent1'', ''Alien Hominid'' or ''Castle Crashers''.


EDIT2: Willing to trade also: ''Donuts'', ''Troll'' or ''Triple Threat''. Or 350 Gems.



Have fun all with playing Battleblock Theater ^^!



EDIT 3: No longer needed to trade for the Starhead ''BOOM!''

I'm still willing to trade Starheads (Except boom) for my other Starheads.

Thanks for viewing. Have fun all with BattleBlock Theater, and if you try to do Insane Solo or Co-op; good luck :D!

Edited by CVanquisherZ
Obtained the ''Boom!'' Starhead
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