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Challenge Player Matches Leaderboards Points


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Hello BattleBlock Theater players,


I have some questions about how the Challenge Player Matches Leaderboards works. In Challenge Ranked Matches Leaderbords, you will get 10 points per 1 win. Losses doesn't seem to do a thing to the points.


Today I've started doing Challenge Player Matches, however the amount of points you'll receive is different than Ranked Matches. It seems the amount of losses now has an effect on the amount of Points you have. Furthermore, I've noticed you can get ''free'' wins even if your opponent has left the challenge arena (Where you can choose doors etc). What I wonder is the following: do you get points only and only if you challenge against other players? Or does the game use a formula which has your wins and losses as variables?


So basically my question is: how does the system of getting points work in Challenge Player Matches?


What I think it is (however I am not sure):

The amount of points you have only lowers or gets higher if you challenge against other players only if the other player finishes. I'm afraid this is it, however I am not entirely certain. I'm afraid of this because the amount of quitters I have against me is too high oO.


Thank you for reading!

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