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UK release?

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PEGI, the annoying ratings board that assumes people can't read and announces the ratings both takes time, and money to rate a game. ($5000)


So many indies will not spend that money until they're reasonably sure of a return. So if it's not on the UK store, that's your answer 99% of the time

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if you change your consoles region can you just change it back again with no problems, or is it really complicated... and is it risky or perfectly legal.... just wondered..




I have had a separate US acc for years for just this sort of thing. As long as you are buying the game there is no real issue. The issue came from people changing regions etc to access free stuff that they shouldn't have been entitled to.



First it is best if you have a separate US acc which is needed to access the US marketplace. There is a guide on the site somewhere with an address you can enter etc



Then if you go to settings on your XBOX ONE and go to SYSTEM you need to change the LOCATION to US then restart your XBOX.



Then log in using the US acc and go to purchase the game. You will need to add a card which can be your everyday bank card (Paypal doesn't seem to work for me now) then hit the BUY button and wait for the game to download.



Once it has, log out and change the LOCATION back to UK etc and restart the XBOX ONE and then log in with your normal acc.



It took me about 5min (inc download time) to do all this and now have 900g



Best of luck with the last 100g!!!!

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