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Melee Master Glitch?


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So I was trying to go the Melee Master achievement...seems easy enough. I used the list provided under the achievement for this game:


B(near enemy)-punch

LS up+X-up attack

LS side+X-slide

LS down+X-low kick

LS down+B-uppercut

A then X while in air-clunk

RT near enemy-judo throw

B away from enemy-use weapon


I went into a local arena game with a second controller and did all of these moves many times and this hasn't popped for me. I go into the Player Stats and It tells me I have 0 "clunks" on enemies. I have done this move with the enemy player standing still and also with them jumping in the air. Is anyone else having this problem with this achievement? Am I missing something or am I just stuck with a glitched achievement that wont pop?

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The achievement is just finicky - same goes for the weapons one, but to a lesser extent.


Try doing all of the moves on an AI enemy in addition to a co-op partner. If that doesn't work, try doing the clunk/spike move repeatedly in a variety of scenarios (while enemy is in air, enemy AI, enemy co-op, etc.). I've seen another post where someone reported a problem with the achievement regarding the same move and they were able to solve it by just doing the move over and over again until it finally popped.

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