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I have someone else who wants to join as well. He's a level 27, right next to level 28 Titan. 1 Light away. I'm a level 28 Warlock. Both have never been able to do the raid before.


My gamertag is Mastrius9087. He'd just be with me so no need to say his.


Edit: Also normal raid.

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Sorry I just read 500 kills, missed the void part.


It's actually not that bad, just run around with a void shotgun or fusion rifle. I used fusion.


Don't be, its okay. Ha ha thanks for the kind advice have been trying that for a week with a void shotgun and sniper and frustration just got better of me... :mad: You must be doing not bad at PVP. Again I would like to stress I sucked at PVP.. The max I got was 50 points and loss in all in the next 2 games no kills just being kills by supers dominated game... my best hope is a atheon epilogue but my titan is no where near raid build.. :(


Anyone here kind enough to invite me to try getting the gun killing Atheon to try to complete the bounty? :(



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Lvl 24 hunter looking for people or some1 to help me with weekly strikes on normal n hard really need the help and would be greatly appreciated im on xbox1 gt: combaticus518 can trade for help in borderlands pre-sequel have some lengendary lvl 10 20 n 50 guns n max lvl characters if anyone is also playing it due to my work schedule i can only get on past 9pm est weeknights but weekends are open :uzi: big thanks to the phoenix 097 for help

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