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The FunWithFans challenge


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I've found a good way to collect gems fast without a lot of extra controllers or glitching. Choose a local arena match (these will also count towards The Professional). Go for a solo challenge. On the top row is a level called FunWithFans. Its pretty easy to beat in less than 40 seconds, earning 4 gems each time.


So the challenge is simple: who can record the fastest time? So far, my fastest is 30:98. I'm sure it will take several attempts to beat that time, but have fun burning through arena matches and raking in gems as you try. :woop:


Update: I found a slightly faster route. I'm down to 28:73. Wish I had the equipment to make a proper video of it.

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Hiya ;D!


I think it's a great idea to do these challenges! Thank you for making a thread about it. As you already noticed, you got my attention and therefore I tried to beat your time :p! I tried it a couple of times and I reached 0:28:31.


Maybe it's a good idea to put here your best personal time on all those challenges. Makes it a little more fun and challenging to do those challenge runs. :3


Thanks for making this thread once again :D!


Keep racing (Challenging)!

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After just a couple runs? That's impressive. I've only just recently managed to get under 28 seconds, although that's after many, many runs and I haven't quite figured out all the tricks. Sometimes I think I have a good run going and don't break 30 seconds or, worse, can't make it to the laser in time.


I just tried testing how many gems I can get in an hour doing this, but it wasn't as many as I'd hoped. 276 gems. Less than 5 per minute. I may try another hour long run hitting the Y button after I finish the level to replay it rather than having to re-enter the door.


If you're looking for another challenge, though, I recently read somewhere that it's possible to complete another one of these levels even faster. I've heard of people completing "SolOperation" (I believe that's how it read, probably supposed to be solo operation) in about 22 seconds. I gave it another try, but it's nowhere near as easy as FunWithFans. Since I'm in it for the gems, I'm not interested in spending a lot of time mastering it.

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Thank you :)!


Challenge Mode is my favorite type of Arena Mode. It's all about knowing what weapon is the best and when to use it.

After that it's practice (to increase your skill) and luck (lucky laser spawns etc).


I'm doing Challenge Mode for a while now so it's not basically a couple of runs ;p! It's just a couple of runs when I try to be as fast as possible on that map.

I've a list of my best times on every map :). (I'm currently Rank 3 on Challenge - Ranked Leaderboards on XBLA :D!)


Ah yes, another challenge :3! I love it. Soloperation in about 22 seconds, you say? That's impressive. And it's interesting in your experience you have more difficulty in soloperation than in FunWithFans (In my experience FunwithFans is ''harder'' ;) ). My personal record on Soloperation is 0:23:45, so I'm getting close to 22 sec.



I wish you good luck with farming gems :). Hopefully you will find a method which gives you a decent amount of gems per hour :).



Update: I've made the 22 seconds :D! My personal best is now 0:22:84 on Soloperation :D! That's in about 22 seconds, in my opinion ^^

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